All on Four Implants

The All on Four Implant procedure is a special technique of placing implants so that the patient can have a fixed implant bridge.

Using special implant planning software, four (and sometimes six) implants are placed. The implants are positioned and angulated so that they can support a fixed bridge that replaces the missing teeth and offers comfort, fit, function and confidence to the patient.

After the implants are placed, they are allowed to heal and join to the jaw bone over the next few weeks. During that time, the patient wears either a temporary full denture or a temporary fixed bridge. After healing, a permanent fixed bridge is made of porcelain and screwed in with titanium screws onto the implants.

This fixed screw-retained implant bridge is very secure, does not move or fall out during chewing or talking, does not need messy adhesive to hold in place and does not have the odors of removable plates.

At Pearl Dental Arts, we use CT Scans and latest implant planning software and 3D printers to make surgical guides that we use for placing the implants accurately and efficiently. We then plan, design and prepare the permanent bridge, which is made in the laboratory using the latest CADCAM technology.

To find out if you are a candidate for All on Four implant supported fixed bridge, set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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