Dental Implants Supported Dentures and Bridges

Are you tired of loose and uncomfortable dentures? Dental Implants Supported Bridges and Dentures to the rescue!

If you have been putting up with loose, uncomfortable dentures, dental implant retained bridges and dentures will change your life! Standard dentures depend on your existing jaw bone and suction to stay in place. The jaw bones begin to resorb shortly after you lose your teeth and the denture has to fit perfectly in order to create a suction. With advancements in the field of dental implantology, we can place a number of dental implants in your jaw bone to allow you to have a fixed bridge supported by the implants, or have your denture snap into place onto the implants and stay there all day long.

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Say goodbye to denture adhesive!

Replace that goop that never really works like its supposed to with a denture that stays secure all on its own. Not only that but, because we are not trying to get suction, we can also make the denture much smaller in your mouth, making it much easier to talk and breathe normally.


A Permanent Fix.

With the increased support of a few additional implants you can never have to take your teeth out again. We can fix your restoration in permanently and you can go back to eating healthy and smiling confidently.

After extracting all the teeth, two implants were placed in the lower jaw, allowed to integrate with the bone, then attachments placed in the denture to connect the denture to the implants

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