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Dental Implants is an area of particular interest and expertise for our doctors. Through research and clinical practice of implant dentistry, Dr. Paghdiwala has earned a Mastership in Dental Implantology issued by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). He has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education and certification to be able to place dental implants as skillfully as he does today. Dr. Paghdiwala uses only the most advanced implant systems to produce reliable and safe clinical treatment.
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Today, most insurance plans cover dental implants and with our interest free finance options Pearl Dental Arts is able to provide you affordable dental implants. If you don’t have insurance or are still concerned about the cost of dental implants ask about The Pearl Dental 2-2-2 Plan.

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What are dental implants?

An implant is an synthetic replacement for your natural tooth root. Teeth are held into the jaw by the insertion of the tooth root into the jaw bone and attachment by tissue fibers. If you lose a tooth, a dental implant can be placed into the jaw in place of the root, and a new tooth crown can be built on top of that. Recent advancements in the field allow us to place implants with a 95% success rate – higher than any other tooth replacement therapy.

What is it made of?

Today’s dental implants are made of Titanium or a Titanium alloy. This material is not only compatible with your natural bone, but will allow bone to grow into it. This process, called osseointegration, allows for an extremely strong and reliable foundation on which to create a new tooth.

Why should I replace my teeth?

When you lose a tooth it is important to fill the space as quickly as possible for a number of reasons:

  • The teeth adjacent and opposite the lost tooth will shift into the toothless area
  • Aesthetics will be compromised
  • Food will get lodged in the open space causing further decline of oral health
  • Bone loss can occur in the jaws limiting treatment options in the future
  • Speech can be affected

What are the treatment alternatives?

If you are missing one tooth or a group of teeth, you may replace the missing teeth with a fixed bridge, provided there are healthy teeth adjacent to the toothless space. A bridge is an acceptable treatment, but a bridge  involves grinding down healthy teeth to replace the lost one. A bridge is also more difficult to floss and brush around. Dentures are also an alternative, but, without implants to support the dentures, they are often ill-fitting and uncomfortable. You may choose to not replace the tooth, but as noted above, that is ill-advised. Implants are  really the best alternatives for replacing missing or failed teeth.

Can all teeth be replaced with implants?

While dental implants are the ideal replacement for missing or hopeless teeth, there are some limitations. The condition of the remaining bone in your jaw is the most important factor in determining if implants are right for you. Often bone can be regained by bone grafting and augmentation. 

Will I need to see a specialist?

The majority of our implants are placed and restored in-house so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere else.

Dr. A. F. Paghdiwala has been placing and restoring dental implants for 11 years and Dr. M. A. Paghdiwala for 2 years. Dr. A. Paghdiwala got a Fellowship in implant dentistry in 2009 and was awarded his Mastership in implant dentistry in 2012 by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Both dentists are continuously taking courses in implants and keeping current on all the latest developments in the implant field.

What is the cost?

The costs involved will vary over a broad range patient to patient. Replacing a single tooth with an implant will cost nearly the same as replacing the tooth with a bridge. Implants will turn your denture nightmare into a dream and that is priceless.

Dental implant options for replacing missing teeth

When all the teeth are missing, instead of a standard full denture held in place by suction, and more realistically, held in place by lots and lots of denture adhesive, if dental implants are placed, the options are (i) a snap on denture, (ii) a hybrid bridge or (iii) a fixed bridge.
For more information, refer to  Dental Implant Options For Replacing Missing Teeth. So remember, for dental implants Newtown PA and Levittown PA, its Pearl Dental Arts!