At Pearl Dental Arts, we provide Full Dentures and Partial Dentures that are very esthetic, very functional and very comfortable.

All our dentures are very custom-made.

First, we start off with a very good, accurate impression of the jaws.
Next, we take precise bite records so that the teeth are placed at the right position for speech, chewing and appearance. You get to pick the shade of the new denture teeth.
We pay a great deal of attention to ensuring that the dentures offer adequate support to the lips and cheeks to prevent the typical sunk-in look of denture wearers.
We then have you preview a trial denture or a fitting denture, so that you can see how the final denture is going to look and feel in your mouth and how your bite will be. This fitting denture is still in wax so we can modify it and reposition the teeth to your liking. Only when you are satisfied with this stage, we then get the denture processed in acrylic.
That’s the final denture that you receive, a highly customized beautiful work that looks good, is comfortable to wear and is very functional, both when chewing and talking.

At Pearl Dental, we make Full Dentures and Partial Dentures. Partial Dentures can be all-acrylic, metal and acrylic combination or flexible (such as Valplast, Sunflex or Flexite). We also offer Immediate Dentures, where the new dentures can be placed immediately after the teeth are extracted, so you do not have to go without teeth even for a single day.

Denture repairs and denture relines are also done at Pearl Dental Arts, often while you wait.

We also place implants so that the new dentures can be stable and secure in chewing and you can smile and talk with confidence.
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