Fixed Implant Bridge

For a Fixed  Implant Bridge, you should consider a Prettau Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge. A Prettau bridge is a fixed, screw-retained implant bridge made from Prettau Zirconia, a very strong, esthetic and bio-compatible material. Zirconia is a special kind of ceramic that does not chip or crack, does not stain or discolor, has a great shine and luster like natural teeth. In fact, Zirconia is the strongest material used in dentistry today.

Advantages of Prettau Zirconia implant bridge in Philadelphia Dr. Paghdiwala

What is a Prettau Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge:

A Prettau Zirconia bridge is a solution for replacing missing teeth or broken down teeth with a fixed, permanent, screwed-in bridge.

Instead of a denture that snaps onto implants but is removable, a more secure alternative is a fixed implant bridge. Such a bridge is supported by four to six implants and is usually screwed onto the implants. Fixed implant bridges function similar to natural teeth, stay in the mouth very securely.

After the implants are placed firmly in the jaw bone, a fixed bridge, made of acrylic or zirconia, can be screwed onto the implants. As they are retained onto the implants by screws, the dentist can very simply unscrew the bridge and remove it for cleaning and put it back in place. The main drawback of the screw-retained acrylic bridge is that the acrylic can chip or crack, acrylic stains and discolors with time and loses its shine.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of a Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge:

  • The Prettau Zirconia Fixed, Screw-retained Implant Bridge is made from Prettau zirconia, one of the strongest materials used in dentistry today.
  • It looks very natural, has a very good shine and luster and maintains its surface properties.
  • Unlike acrylic, zirconia does not chip, crack or stain. A Prettau Bridge is the strongest, most durable and most esthetic implant bridge available today.


If your teeth are still present in your jaw and all are failing, you need to get them extracted. At the time of extraction, there are two options: the first is that the implants will be placed right away (immediate placement). The second option is that bone grafting will be done in the extraction sites and an immediate, healing denture inserted. In that case, implants will be placed four to five months later.

In either case, after placement of the implants, there will again be two possibilities. The first possibility is that an immediate denture will be worn for 4-5 months till the implants integrate to the bone, after which a fixed temporary bridge will be made and screwed onto the implants. ‘

The second possibilty is that the implants will be ready at the time of placement to support a fixed temporary bridge that will be screwed onto the implants. This temporary bridge will be made of acrylic. You will wear this temporary bridge for a couple of months, making sure the bite and function are comfortable and the esthetics is good. Using CAD-CAM technology, the temporary will then used to fabricate a Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge that will be screwed onto the implants.


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You owe it to yourself to benefit from the advantages of Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge.