For more than 12 years, Pearl Dental Arts has provided our patients with superior dental implant surgery. Our passion for dental implants sets us apart, and we are currently using cutting-edge technology to assist us in extremely precise implant placement surgery.

Our Fully Guided Implant Surgery allows us to provide our patients with the best, most affordable implant procedures. By combining digital X-ray images and 3D printing, we are able to create virtual models and printed surgical guides. Implant replacement has never been easier, more predictable, or more affordable than it is at Pearl Dental Arts.

3D Dental XRay
Panoramic View

Fully Guided Implant Surgery is the single best way to replace teeth, whether you’re looking to replace one tooth or all of your teeth. With every dental implant surgery, implants are placed in bone and become the new root of a tooth, to which single teeth or dentures are attached. Traditional implant surgeries require a flap to be made with the gums, or removing the gum from the bone in order to see where the implant will be placed. With Fully Guided Implant Surgery, we have eliminated this step.

Through the use of 3D printing, we are able to take a digital scan of the tooth using a cone beam scan, or CBCT-Scan, that provides us with a 3D image of existing teeth and existing bone. While this technology is still fairly new to the dental implant industry, it is one of the safest and most effective methods and is quickly becoming the standard when it comes to planning implant surgery.

From the CBCT-Scan, we are able to print a model of the patients mouth and plan their individual surgery accordingly. By evaluating the bone structure and layout of the teeth outside of a patients mouth, we are better able to plan prior to conducting surgery, which means less time in operation for our patients. This plan is then used to print a guide for the drill, which will precisely install the implant into the bone often without having to cut away any gum. Incorporating this type of technology into our procedures allows us to provide our patients with a more comfortable, more predictable procedure that limits error. Our Fully Guided Implant Surgery requires less visits, less procedures, and less healing time. In most cases, we are able to install the implant and the teeth on the same day.


From Mini-Dental Implants to Standard Diameter Implants, if you have a missing tooth or a large space between teeth, Fully Guided Implant Surgery is a quick, easy, and affordable solution. Call Pearl Dental Arts at 215-949-8000 for more information, or schedule an appointment online.

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