Remineralization of Teeth

Remineralization of teeth can eliminate the need for fillings and arrest the process of breakdown of the tooth structure in the first place.

remineralization of teeth at Pearl Dental in Newtown

The formation of white spots, brown spots and cavities is a  result of a process called demineralization. Demineralization occurs when the tooth is exposed to acids; these acids dissolve the enamel crystals, releasing calcium and phosphate, creating a cavity. Acids that cause demineralization of teeth can be due to starchy foods, sugars and sodas.

On the other hand, if the acid in the mouth is buffered by the saliva, the calcium and phosphate that are naturally present in saliva will flow back into the tooth. This process is called remineralization. Remineralization will be enhanced if calcium and phosphate are added onto the tooth surface. If fluoride is also added simultaneously, the process of remineralization is even greater.

Agents that help the process of remineralization are available in various forms: chewing gums, toothpastes, gels and varnishes. Some of them contain fluorides too; fluoride gels, rinses and pastes can also be used as supplements.

The Canary System, which is an early caries detection system, is also useful for monitoring the progress of remineralization of early breakdown areas of enamel. The results of scanning of the teeth with the Canary System are stored in the Canary Cloud as Canary Numbers.  These can be viewed periodically. After the patient has used remineralising agents for a period of time, new scans are made of the early lesions and the new Canary Numbers are compared to the initial readings. This provides very reliable, objective and scientific proof of the effectiveness of the remineralizing process.

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