Free Fluoride Trays at Pearl Dental for Patients with Oral Cancer

By Abid Paghdiwala, DMD on August 19, 2018

Pearl Dental Offers Free Fluoride Trays To Cancer Patients Treated With Radiation Therapy Of The Jaws and Neck

Pearl Dental Arts offers free custom-made fluoride trays to cancer-treatment patients who have received radiation of the oral cavity, jaws, neck or thyroid. Radiation of these areas damages the salivary glands, resulting in dry mouth, which in turn ends up with a very high incidence of cavities. Radiation of the jaw can also damage the jawbone, making it very liable to fracture, especially if teeth get infected and need to be extracted. Therefore, it becomes very important to avoid cavities and infections and abscesses of the teeth.
Fluoride is proven to reduce the rate of cavity formation, and therefore patients who are scheduled to get radiation are advised to start fluoride within one week after radiation.
One of the most effective methods of fluoride application is by using thin, clear custom made trays that can be made in our offices, at no charge. All we need is an impression of the teeth, from which we will make models used for fabricating custom-fitting trays for your mouth. We will prescribe fluoride gels that you can fill in these trays and wear the trays for 5 minutes before bedtime for the rest of your life! It is important not to rinse or eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after use of the fluoride gel. More detailed instructions for use will be given to recipients of the trays.
In addition to offering the fluoride trays which are custom-made in our office, we are requesting manufacturers of fluoride gels, rinses and pastes to offer us supplies that we can distribute to cancer patients who do not have insurance or cannot get them on their prescription plans or have a high copayment. If anybody knows such manufacturers, please forward them our request.
If you know of someone who needs these fluoride trays, tell them to contact us. It is important to realize that we are offering this service to oral, neck and throat cancer treatment recipients throughout the country. Patients do not necessarily have to be in Philadelphia or the suburbs, they can be anywhere in the country. If they get a local dentist in their city to prepare models of their teeth, the patient can mail us their models, we will prepare their fluoride trays and mail them back. We will even pay for the postage at our end.
So give us a call, at 215-949-8000 or 215-504-4070 or contact us online and we will get back to you to get you your flouride trays and protect your teeth from being lost to tooth decay.

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