Here is a review of a partial denture we placed in 2004. The partial has been retained in the mouth not by metal clips or pink plastic clips but by four mini dental implants (MDI, made by 3M Imtec) placed where the teeth had been extracted.

Implants have long been used to help support full dentures. The vast majority of these implants are the standard wider implants, which require a fairly involved surgical process to place and require at least 4-6 months to fuse to the bone before the dentures can take support from the implants. In the last 10-15 years, dentists have placed narrower implants, commonly referred to as “mini dental implants”. The advantages of these narrow implants are that their placement techniques are not as demanding as the standard wider implants, they involve relatively less surgery, often without even having to place any sutures, take a lot less time to place, and thus are far less expensive than the standard implants. Properly placed narrow or mini dental implants can provide support and retention to the denture right away, almost as soon as the implants are placed. So the patient does not have the typical waiting period of the wider standard implants and the case is completed a lot sooner.

At Pearl Dental Arts, in Philadelphia and the suburbs, we started placing mini dental implants (MDI) in 2004. Besides using them for supporting full dentures, we also used them to support partial dentures and crowns. Here we present one such partial denture.

The patient was missing teeth on both sides of her lower jaw, she had a partial denture that had silver clips that were very visible during speech and the denture was not very stable or comfortable. The remaining lower teeth were inadequate to support a fixed, non-removable bridge. The remaining bone in the areas of the missing teeth had undergone sufficient shrinkage so that standard, wider implants could not be placed.

So we placed two mini implants on either side in the lower jaw and made her a partial denture that did not have any metal clips. The partial denture had housings that snapped onto the O-balls on the mini implants. The patient was very happy.

mini dental implants supported partial denture at Pearl Dental Arts

Mini dental implants supported partial denture

It is now over 16 years since the implants were placed, and today the implants are as firm as when first placed and the denture still holds on tight. In the 16 years, the patient has come to us for check-ups and cleanings. The rubber rings inside the housings have been changed a couple of times as they wear out and loosen up from use. Two years ago the patient got a new denture made to fit over the existing implants and once again continues to smile and talk and eat very comfortably with her mini dental implant supported partial denture.

At Pearl Dental Arts, in Levittown,  Dr. A. Paghdiwala places standard implants and mini dental implants and makes implant supported crowns, bridges, hybrid bridges and dentures that fit on the implants. Dr. A. Paghdiwala has a Mastership in Implant Dentistry awarded by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) in 2012.

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Staff at Pearl Dental Arts

Pearl Dental Arts

Dr. Abid Paghdiwala has been perfecting the art of dentistry since 1981 and has helped many patients achieve healthier, better-looking smiles through personalized, gentle, and state-of-the-art care. He is a member of various notable organizations, including: 

  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists 
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Pennsylvania Dental Association

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