Mini dental implants, as the name suggests, are basically dental implants that are smaller than the vast majority of dental implants placed. They are not necessarily smaller in length, but smaller in diameter, compared to the standard implants, and so are often referred to as narrow diameter implants.

Just like standard implants, mini dental implants are also made of titanium, and they too replace the root of a tooth that has been lost. Mini implants are used mainly to support full dentures, though they are also used to support partial dentures and crowns.

Mini implants have to be inserted in fully healed, mature bone. Therefore, after a tooth is extracted, the mini implants cannot be placed for almost a year, till the extracted site is healed up and replaced by mature bone. 


Full Dentures, Upper and Lower:

Denture wearers are very well aware of the discomfort and limitations of full dentures- they move around and lift up off the gums whilst talking to people, eating, yawning. They have to use lots of denture adhesives to hold the dentures in place, and they hate the feel of all that adhesive in their mouth. They do not like all the bulk of plastic in their mouth, especially on their palate, which prevents them from enjoying their food.

Implants help stabilize the dentures and hold the dentures in position on the gums. And among implants, mini dental implants have the advantages that they often can be placed without any gum surgery, are less expensive and the dentures can often be connected to the implants the same day.

Partial Dentures:

Mini dental implants can also help retain and stabilize partial dentures, and help eliminate ugly metal clasps that would otherwise be unavoidable and very visible.....more


Mini dental implants are sometimes used to support crowns, especially in areas where the available bone is too narrow for a standard, wider implant, or where the space available for replacing the missing tooth is very small. since the procedures for placing crowns on mini dental implants is quicker and simpler than the standard implants, the cost of a crown on mini implants is also substantially less than on standard implants, and this is an additional factor for some patients choosing mini implants to support crowns.

At Pearl Dental Arts in Levitttown and Newtown, we have been placing mini dental implants as well as standard, wider implants since 2004. We use the latest procedures and techniques, acquire continuous education to keep abreast of new developments and aim at imparting the optimum service to our patients.

We offer no-obligation consultations for dental implants. Please call our Newtown office at 215-504-4070 or our levittown office at 215-949-8000 or contact us online to request an early appointment.

Mini dental implant at Pearl Dental Arts before implants
Lower jaw of person who has lost all the teeth
Mini dental implants at Pearl Dental Arts showing 4 mini dental implants
Four mini dental implants have been placed
mini dental implants at Pearl Dental- modified lower denture
The lower denture is modified to receive the housings
Mini dental implants at Pearl dental- housings inserted in full lower denture
Four housings have been inserted in the lower denture 
to snap onto the mini dental implants

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