Bone Grafting

 What Is Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is a procedure to increase the volume and contour of the bone in the jaw to prepare the site for placing a dental implant.

When Is Bone Grafting Done

Bone grafting can be done either at the time of extraction of a tooth or at a site where the tooth has already been extracted.

When a tooth is extracted, if the bony socket left after the extraction is allowed to heal on its own, there is considerable bone loss at the extraction site. The normal healing process results in as much as 40% loss of bone, both in height and width of the bone. As a result, when the extraction site is fully healed, there might not be enough bone to place an implant. To prevent that from happening, after a tooth is extracted, bone grafting material is packed into the extraction socket. The gums are then closed over the socket. The body utilizes the grafting material placed in the socket to develop new bone, so that there is now enough bone to fit an implant.

In the event that bone grafting material was not placed in the socket at the time of extraction, bone loss has already occurred and now there is inadequate bone to support an implant, bone grafting can be done in  some situations to try to improve the volume and shape of the remaining bone so as to place an implant there successfully.

If you are faced with a situation where extraction of one or several teeth is indicated, contact us at Pearl Dental Arts to evaluate for bone grafting at the time of extraction. Even if you are not planning implant placement to replace the extracted teeth right away, it will be good to preserve the bone and have the site ready should you ever decide to place implants there. 

In the event that teeth were already extracted in your mouth in the past and no bone grafting was done to preserve the bone, contact us to evaluate if bone grafting can still be done to regenerate the bone in selected areas to facilitate implant placement.

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