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What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants (MDI), as the name suggests, are basically dental implants that are smaller than the vast majority of dental implants place. They are not necessarily smaller in length, but smaller in diameter or thickness, compared to the standard implants. that’s why they are often referred to as narrow-diameter implants.

Just like standard implants, mini dental implants are also made of titanium, and they too replace the root of a tooth that has been lost. Mini implants are mainly used to support full dentures, though they are also used to support partial dentures and crowns.

Very often, people wearing dentures for many years have very poor bone conditions. Due to the shrinkage of bone over the years, the remaining bone is very thin and cannot support wider, standard implants. For these patients, mini dental implants are their best chance of getting decent, stable dentures that will not float around and will not require lots and lots of that disgusting adhesive.


Full Dentures – Upper and Lower

Denture wearers are very well aware of the discomfort and limitations of full dentures- they move around and lift off the gums while talking to people, eating, and yawning. They have to use lots of adhesives to hold the dentures in place. They hate the feel of all that adhesive in their mouth, especially on their palate, which prevents them from enjoying their food.

Implants help stabilize the dentures and hold them in position on the gums. However, very often, due to advanced bone shrinkage of the jawbone after teeth extractions, many patients are told that they do not have enough bone to fit the wider, standard  implants. In such cases, mini dental implants have the advantages that they can be placed in the much narrower bone, often without any major gum surgery, are less expensive and the dentures can often be connected to the implants on the same day.

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 patients mouth with mini dental implants

Partial Dentures

Mini dental implants can also help retain and stabilize partial dentures, and help eliminate any ugly metal clips and wires that would otherwise be unavoidable and very visible.


before and after mini dental implants

Mini dental implants are sometimes used to support crowns, especially in areas where the available bone is too narrow for a standard, wider implant, or where the space available for replacing the missing tooth is very small. Since the procedure for placing crowns on mini dental implants is usually much simpler and quicker than on standard implants, the cost of a crown on mini implants is also less than that on a standard implant, and this is an additional factor for choosing crowns on mini implants.

At Pearl Dental Arts in Levittown, we have been placing mini and standard dental implants since 2004. We use the latest procedures and techniques, we are always keeping abreast of new developments, and aim at imparting the optimum service to our patients. 

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In order that most patients can take advantage of these innovative methods, we offer different financing options, including:

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