Immediate Dentures: Extractions and New Teeth in One Visit

You may have been told by your dentist you have to have all your teeth extracted, either because they are badly broken down and damaged,  or they have become loose due to advanced, long-standing gum disease.  Your dentist may have advised you that after all the teeth would be extracted, there would be a period of a few weeks to several months, during which you would have to walk around without any teeth, while the gums healed up. Then a new set of dentures would be made for you.

This fear of having to walk around without any teeth for even a day can make you keep postponing getting rid of the loose teeth.

You owe it to yourself to know that you can get immediate dentures at Pearl Dental Arts. You can come to us for a consult. If you are satisfied with the treatment plan and estimate presented to you by Dr. Paghdiwala, we can start the process of getting new dentures that same visit. Dr. Paghdiwala will take impressions of your mouth, pick a nice lighter shade for the new teeth and take some more measurements.

In a few days, at your second visit, you will come into Pearl Dental Arts with your own loose teeth still present in your mouth, and walk out with a brand-new set of teeth. Dr. Paghdiwala will give you local anesthesia to numb your teeth, extract all your teeth painlessly and place your new denture in your mouth immediately. He will also place a soft reline in the new denture to provide a cushion effect on the healing gums, give you instructions on proper care of the new dentures, and you will be on your way home. Antibiotics and pain medications will be prescribed and you will be asked to come in the next day for a quick follow-up visit.

If you are a bit apprehensive about the whole process, especially having multiple teeth extracted in one visit, and that too without being put to sleep, Dr. Paghdiwala can consult your medical doctor to prescribe some sedatives to help overcome the anxiety. You will very impressed with how easy the whole process of replacing loose or failing teeth is.

Dr. Paghdiwala always recommends that implants be placed to support the new teeth, and usually places implants right at the time of extraction of the loose teeth, before placing the immediate denture. And even if a patient chooses not to get any implants right at the time of extraction, Dr. Paghdiwala always recommends that bone grafting material be placed into the bony sockets of the extracted teeth. This is because, if nothing is done and the bony sockets are left alone to heal naturally, there is almost 40% loss of bone following extraction of teeth and in a few years there may not be sufficient bone left to support any implants.

Immediate dentures and the accompanying extractions are usually covered by all insurance plans. Pearl Dental Arts participates in most dental insurance policies, we handle all the paper-work, we file the claims and accept payment directly from the insurance. You only pay the portion not covered by your insurance. All major credit cards are also accepted. We also accept Care Credit, which offers up to 24 months interest-free (zero percent) financing on approved credit. We try to offer as many options as we can to find one that suits you.

If you, or someone you know, needs dentures, please make sure they are offered the very latest in denture and implant technology. We are glad to offer complimentary consultations. We have locations in Newtown and Levittown. To learn more or to make an appointment, contact us or call us at 215-504-4070 for our Newtown office or 215-949-8000 for our Levittown office.

We’ll help you smile again. And remember, a Pearly Smile Will Get You Far!

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